Attorney Diane D. Hitzemann, Mediator & Counselor at Law

“Joanne Parulis surprises me. Having worked in Trust Banking sales, business development, and management for almost twenty years. I collaborated with many excellent marketing professionals. I don't expect to hear anything new. Joanne gives me new ideas she understands marketing.

I met Joanne professionally. We began to talk about her business and my efforts to provide families a non-adversarial choice for resolving disputes. She listened well and agreed to help with our fledgling initiative.

I'm grateful for the immense help Joanne has provided and continues to provide our Collaborative Law Practice, in developing professional and public awareness of choices available to families for resolving legal disputes. Her approach to marketing is thoughtful, creative, and practical. She is a valuable asset to any business and/or organization with which she is associated.” ~ Attorney Diane D. Hitzemann, Mediator & Counselor at Law

“Our companies have utilized Joanne’s services for the last several years. Even though Joanne is a “consultant” with her own business and clients, when she is working for you she is part of your team and acts as a full-time employee along-side your management group and employees.

She energizes the team with her knowledge, out of the box thinking, and challenges the group to strive for more.

Her knowledge in the field of marketing and communications, along with her understanding of the market, provides your business with a definite edge over your competition.” ~ Ken Huebner, Vice President/CFO, The Cotler Group