How Do I Get Customer Reviews?

Do you drag your feet when it comes to asking your customers to review your business or service?  You may be missing out on an opportunity that does not take much time. In fact, you need to add no more than a few seconds to your regular interactions with customers. Here are a few tips to help invite positive reviews in an easy yet ethical way:

Comment Cards
Print customer feedback cards with simple instructions on how they can give you a review online. Include a link to your business profile on your favorite site (such as your Facebook page or Google My Business profile). Hand out your card to your customer.

Face to Face

There’s nothing wrong with asking your loyal customers for an honest review. They’re not required to leave a positive review (or any review at all) but a direct, in-person request is usually met with a a positive post.

Email & Social Media

You can also include a quick, friendly review request in any automated or marketing emails you send to customers (such as an e-newsletter or after a transaction) or in social media posts. Just remember: Reviews should never be fake or forced. If you provide great products and service, excellent reviews will almost certainly follow.